The seeds for Yallah were sown many years ago, travelling along the coastline of Morocco.

Staying with friends, searching for waves, and drinking coffee in roadside cafes. Yallah was a word we heard often, meaning ‘Lets go’ in Arabic. It fit with us then, and still does today.

We produce sustainably sourced and freshly roasted coffee from our barn in Cornwall.

Yallah began with a restored 1950's roaster, a leaky barn, and a goal to build a sustainably focused business. We're still at Argal Home Farm to this day. Powered by solar, heated with biomass and surrounded by new workshops, studios, and a bunch of creatives which constantly inspire us to push forward. 

Fuelling the fire

We're super lucky to be in Cornwall. The community here is immense, and the sea is just a few miles down the road. The shared values of environment, community and playing outdoors are profound. It gets us through the challenging moments, inspires us in the happiest, and no doubt improves the coffee we roast and business we operate.