Carefully crafted and undeniably delicious, the Trust range showcases the best of specialty coffee with an impact.

Coffees purchased into this range go above and beyond the Yallah Buying Standards. This coffee highlights our commitment to direct trade, and nurturing relationships with single-lot producers.

Why we love this coffee.

Perched high in the mountains near the Honduran border, Finca El Recuerdo is a lush, jungle covered gem. Careful growing and meticulous hand-picking for ripeness give way to this balanced and sweet coffee. We absolutely love it, and we hope you do too.

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Roast Profile

Roast Profile

Medium Roast



Smooth, sweet and chocolatey.


The taste of positive change. Carefully crafted and undeniably delicious, our Trust range showcases the best of specialty coffee with an impact.

All the coffees we buy for all of our different ranges adhere to our own ‘Yallah Buying Standards.'

Your new Trust coffees will by default meet this criteria we have in place already, but they will also come with something extra. Whether it’s shipped over by sailboat with almost zero carbon emissions, grown using agroforestry methods, bought via direct trade, grown on an entirely biodynamic farm or perhaps it supports marginalised producer groups (e.g women producers, indigenous communities) or social projects in that region.


It’s really important for us to work with trusted partners in our supply chain who can provide us with honesty and traceability. We have created a set of guidelines to help us source coffee in a way we feel aligns with our values and beliefs. There are three core categories that we think outline the most important factors to consider when purchasing coffee: economic transparency, social relationship, and environmental efforts.

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Our 250g bags are 100% plastic-free and can be recycled with your household paper or composted in your garden. We recommend storing your coffee in an airtight container like this one. Our 1kg bags are home compostable but not domestically recyclable, please don't put them in your curbside recycling. The planet thanks you!



Marcos Florian


Dipilto, Nicaragua


Red Catuai



Country of origin


Our long standing direct trade partners in Nicaragua have shown us the range of quality of coffee from here; from House all the way to Explore, there’s something for everyone.

meet the producer

Marcos Florian

This coffee comes with a special story. Back at the beginning of 2022, we visited Marcos and were blown away by his carefully nurtured sanctuary of El Recuerdo farm. With the help of his children, the coffee trees here are abundant with fruit, part in thanks to the fertile mountain slopes and protective forest covering. Marcos had never separated coffee from the community lot before, but last year we managed to get hold of a single bag. The results were incredible, and we are so pleased to say that this year we have purchased his entire harvest. We aim to continue this relationship year after year, so hopefully this is first of many tasty coffees from Marcos.


Direct Trade

The supply chain - from farm to cup - can be a long and complicated road. Every person in that chain has to get paid from the sale of the coffee, so reducing the amount of middlemen means we can offer premiums to producers, without having to inflate the price to the consumer. Working directly with farmers is key to forging long term relationships, and we can commit to buying before the harvest has even started.