Work With Us

We like to partner with likeminded people that share our passion for honest business & exceptional coffee. Let's make the magic happen.

Single-Origin, Specialty Coffee

We believe our coffee is genuinely exceptional and we work tirelessly to keep it that way. We work with trusted partners and buy direct to guarantee honesty and traceability. Our buying standards provide the framework for a stringent self certification we believe is the best in the game.

Machinery & Training

We take a friendly and honest approach to machinery and training. There is no one size fits all; it's about what's right for your business.

We are proud to work with some of the worlds most renowned manufactures and espresso technicians.

Our training programme takes staff from novice to professional and is free of charge to our wholesale customers.

Meet Josh

The man behind our exceptional wholesale service, Josh has over 7 years in the speciality coffee industry, and the knowledge to show for it. From setting up new equipment, to first-class training, Josh is always on-hand to assist.


How do I dial in?

Mastering the art of dialling in is essential to guarantee delicious brews. This should be done every morning and throughout the day when possible. 

Firstly get your scales ready. Grind a shot of coffee (dose) and make sure it is weighing out at 18.5g. 

Pull the shot and make grinder adjustments accordingly. If your shot is pulling faster then 26s make your grinder finer. if your shot is pulling longer then 34s make your grinder coarser. We are aiming for an extraction of 27s-33s.

Make sure you are weighing out these shots each time to ensure they are consistently at 18.5g.

Please note that if you make your grinder finer it will deliver less coffee and if you make it coarser it will deliver more coffee.

Once you have got a grind size that is delivering a good extraction time between 27s-33s then you may need to adjust your grinders time to deliver more or less coffee.

To maintain consistency, keep your scales to hand and check your dose throughout the day.

We cover dialling in detail in our training program. Please contact Josh on his email if you would like to book in training.

How can I place an order?

All orders are to be placed via email or phone. 


Phone: 01326 727383

Our order cut off date is Tuesday, to ensure that your order can be prepped ready for your weekly delivery.

Delivery routes from our Roastery on Argal Farm in Falmouth:

Wednesday: Falmouth

Thursday: East / North cornwall 

Friday: West / South cornwall 

Who do I contact in a coffee emergency?

Contact Josh for any coffee, equipment or training questions at

For any emergencies with equipment, please contact Stephen via email or by phone.