Yallah Coffee Buying Standards

We believe that coffee and business can be a force for positive change.

The Yallah coffee buying standards are a set of guidelines crafted by our roastery team to ensure that all Yallah coffee is sourced in alignment with our values.

It’s really important for us to work with trusted partners in our supply chain who can provide us with honesty and traceability. The coffee industry, like many other commodities, is susceptible to inequality and ethical issues in the supply chain. Our buying standards aim to provide us and our customers with the knowledge and security that - other than tasting delicious - we are part of a fair system.

How do the standards work?

There are three core categories that outline the most important factors to consider when purchasing coffee: social relationship, economic transparency, and environmental and agrological efforts. 

Each coffee is carefully reviewed and has to answer 'yes' to at least one question from each category before purchasing.

Social Relationships

Buying coffee is more than just looking for the most delicious brews. We have the opportunity to invest in social projects with the purchase of our coffees; whether that’s working with women only producer groups, or supporting a seedling nursery; coffee really can be a force for good.


• Have we had this coffee before?

• Have we worked with this importer before and is it a good relationship?

• Was this coffee grown by a single producer?

• Do we know who contributed to this mixed lot?

• Does this coffee support indigenous local groups?

• Was this coffee bought directly?

Environmental Efforts

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Yallah, and this includes the coffees we purchase too. Supporting the environmental efforts of coffee producers can have huge benefits in the long term, not just for the planet but for the producers themselves, who are most at risk from the effects of climate change and the threat it poses to their crops.


Does this coffee have any certifications e.g organic, UTZ, bird friendly etc?

• Are you aware of any synthetic or toxic agrochemicals e.g NPK used during growing?

• Was this coffee grown under shade e.g intercropping, agroforestry etc?

• Are you aware of any waste management practices in the processing stage?

• Was this coffee shipped by sail boat?

Economic Transparency

We are committed to full economic transparency within our supply chain, ensuring every producer gets paid fairly for their harvests. We pay way above the market price for each coffee we buy and this is crucial in making sure that coffee remains a financially viable crop for producers for years to come.


• What was the producer paid per lb at the gate?

• What was the differential paid (premium above market rate) at the time of purchase?

• Can you guarantee that the producer was paid adequately and in line with local living costs?

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