Positive Social Impact; making a real difference. This is collaborative project that starts with people and ends in jobs. Whatever your position we think you can help!


We knew we could use our passion, facilities and expertise in coffee to inspire young people and teach them a valuable skill set. Our hope is that this will lead to employment for a group of people who struggle to find a workplace.


We needed a partner and expert in the field and we are really proud to be working with such a fantastic organisation, Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC). They are an organisation dedicated to supporting and strengthening Cornwall’s Communities to improve quality of life. 


Our aim is to network - in a positive sense. Inviting Cafés and restaurants in Cornwall to partner with us and CRCC - growing the community of businesses who are able and willing to employ students who have been trained by us.

Work Your Way

Work your way is a 1-year programme provided by CRCC. They work with young adults with learning disabilities to prepare them for working life. We have become a training partner for the course.

They works individually with students, gauging a level of interest and suitability to our training programme, before putting students forward to come to us for some tailored barista training. 

"The training was so informative and inclusive for all. Yallah has inspired us as staff and students to consider the small things and how they impact on the whole." Dana Roberts, CRCC Job Coach

"It made me feel more confident in myself. Your location is beautiful" CRCC student

We need your help!

We're looking for businesses to partner with to make this project a success. Let's break barriers and build bridges - providing long-term work for young people in Cornwall.


CRCC will provide site visits, training and mentoring for employers who join the project. Making sure everything works for everyone involved.

Together, we'll find suitable students and ensure the right infrastructure is in place to keep everyone happy.