The sail cargo movement is growing and we’re proud to be part of it.

The aim for everyone involved is simple, minimise the carbon footprint worldwide and raise awareness for climate friendly transportation. Together, the ships, sailors and business’ reviving cargo by sail are building a strong and realistic alternative to modern day shipping.

“the shipping industry accounts for almost 3 percent of global CO2 emissions


Direct Climate Action  

2020 was the first year we successfully imported coffee by sail and the beginning of a cleaner supply chain for our business. We sourced coffee from a small producer group in Colombia and worked with The Blue Schooner company and New Dawn Traders to get it to these shores.  

We’ve gone from 5 bags to 45 (3 tones) in just 2 years and our aim is to keep growing, scaling our business to suit this model of trade. We call this direct climate action.

Grab a bag of Las Brisas, our sail ship coffee here.