Shipped By Sail

We celebrate four years of shipping coffee by sail, using only the power of the wind.


Specialty coffee, shipped by sail.

Inspired by our sourcing trip to Veracruz earlier this year, we’ve partnered with Ensambles and New Dawn Traders to ship coffee to the Cornish shores using only the power of wind.  That's 2,100 kg of Yallah’s finest, sailed by boat across the Atlantic, delivered only a few miles away from our roastery. 

We've taken steps towards our sustainable goal by launching not one, but three, new sail ship coffees into our core ranges, Trust and Explore.

our goals


We've adapted our purchasing model to buy and store more coffee coming by sailboat.

At present, there are many logistical and business challenges faced in order to achieve these goals. Carbon free cargo is expensive, and we wish for our coffee to remain enjoyable for all. 

We're taking direct climate action by getting the conversation started on carbon free transit. Demonstrating that it is achievable to do business in this way.