Pour Over


Coffee Grind medium/coarse 

Quantity 20g Coffee to 300g of water (1:15 ratio)

Water Temperature 92-95° C

Infusion Time 2-3 minutes

Advice The perfect pour over is personal. Don't be afraid to play around and adjust the grind size of your coffee to taste. If the brew takes longer than 3 min, adjust your grinder to make the coffee coarser. If the coffee is running too fast, then make the coffee finer. 

This recipe serves two people.


Step 1 Place a filter paper in the brewer and pre-wet.

Step 2 Grind 20g of coffee to a medium/coarse grind. All of our coffees are available to buy pre-ground if you don't own a grinder. We like this one from Timemore.

Step 3 Set up your brewer over a glass carafe or large mug and place on a set of scales. Add the ground coffee to the brewer.

Step 4 Fill your kettle and boil to your desired temperature (we recommend 95 degrees).

Step 5 Now it's time to start pouring. Start the timer and pour 75 grams of water within the first 30 seconds. Pour slowly, and in a circular motion. Repeat this step after 30 seconds.

Step 6 Once you get to 1 minute, pour over the remaining 150 grams of water bringing you to a total of 300 grams. Finish pouring between 2 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes. Give the brewer a swirl and let drain.

Step 7 Allow the coffee to cool slightly before sipping.

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