Chocolarder // Sea Salt Caramel Truffles


A firm favourite for lovers of rich and gooey salted caramel, wrapped in incredible dark chocolate.

Big flavours come in small packages, and these little mouthfuls of luxury definitely prove that. Made right here in our factory with only the best Cornish sea salt and fresh Cornish cream, our golden caramel is encased in spheres of Asháninka 72% dark chocolate and rolled in our own pressed cocoa powder. The result is a truffle that perfectly balances salty and sweet while also being made with ethical and sustainable ingredients. So not only are you getting a sweet delicious treat, but you’re also helping to contribute towards making the world a better place… one truffle at a time.

The beans used in the fruity cacao of the dark chocolate truffle shell come directly from the indigenous Asháninka people of the Peruvian rainforest. By supporting the project run by preservation charity Cool Earth, we’ve been able to contribute towards a sustainable future for the Asháninka and help them to protect their communities and land.

Packed in boxes of 12

Tasting Notes
Early notes of green and red fruit, with undertones of hazelnut in the cocoa shell. Followed by the salt-sweet richness of our incredible Cornish-made caramel.

Cocoa beans and unrefined raw sugar, cream, glucose and salt.