We're hosting Good & Proper tea for a tasting evening in November and we'd love you to join us. They're a like-minded company and we're proud to distribute their tea in the South-West.

Here's what they say...

We get excited about getting others excited about tea. If the extent of your tea knowledge is the box of supermarket bags you have at home or you love your coffee but have yet to fall for the humble cuppa, then this could just be a turning point... 

Our monthly Tea Tastings cover everything from where tea is grown and how it is produced, to the impact provenance has on flavour. We'll then taste our way through a selection of black, oolong, green, white and herbal teas. You'll even learn how to brew the perfect cup at home. 

The event lasts approximately two hours. Nibbles provided.

Tickets: £10

Images via Good & Proper Tea