We're stoked to be shortlisted as a finalist for Cornwall's Sustainability Awards 2018. Each year we try and improve our environmental impact as a business, taking responsibility for the industry we work in. We scrutinise our operations, our sourcing policies and our carbon footprint. And strive continuously to nourish our direct trade relationships. This year has been a good one, with some exciting progress to report. 

Carbon Footprint & Offsetting

The year began with conducting a report which calculated our carbon footprint. Based on our findings, we have kickstarted an audit into how we can reduce our emissions. You can read more about the figures and audit here. With the remaining or unavoidable carbon emissions, we decided to offset these by donating to a high quality carbon offset project Tree by Tree - a Cornwall based charity offering people the means to plant trees, as well as a scheme to secure land for reforestation. You can read more about our Tree By Tree collaboration here.

Energy at Yallah HQ

We're pretty chuffed to say we run off renewable energy sources here at the Yallah HQ.

• Powered via Solar

Zero carbon dioxide and pollutants released. Powered by the sun :)

• Heated via Biomass

Biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel. It can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels. Wood fuel biomass boilers make very efficient use of this energy, converting up to 95% of it into usable heat.

• Recycled Chaff 

Coffee Chaff is the dried skin on a coffee bean, the husk, which comes off during the roasting process. Along with normal woodchip, this also gets used in the biomass hopper to generate heat. A satisfying loop!


We've just invested in full ceiling insulation in the roastery, to retain our heat better. Better insulation means less heat required. 


Due to the nature of our products and service, packaging is necessary at some stages of our business. When it's totally necessary we use;

Recyclable cardboard boxes
Omni-degradable retail bags
FSC certified papers for print
Biodegradable tapes for packaging

We're by no means done yet. As the business continues to grow, we're sure to face more challenges and opportunities to make sustainable, environmental choices. Here's to continued striving, questioning and doing.

November 22, 2018