We've recently had a new mezzanine designed and built by our friends Felix and Jack. One of the best things about Cornwall right now is the never-ending stream of talented people and everyone seems to be connected to the same circles. It's a cool thing to be able to task your friends with projects like this. They understand how your business works and what's important to you, plus the build is always going to be fun.

In many ways, this was a simple one for them. We wanted to create more space and a separate area for office space and training. We have a need for large storage areas, for green coffee, roasted coffee, cups, boxes and other ancillary products. So big shelves and pallet bays were high on the priority list. Then, we wanted to keep as much natural light as possible, use local timber and finish things off with some subtle touches that made the structure feel like it belonged in the roastery. 

Easy, the boys said. Douglas Fir was used, the brackets were bespoke and powder coated to our chosen colour and the skeleton style structure lets so much natural light is we haven't even need to add extra lighting.... admittedly this might change as the days grow shorter but until then she's a beauty. 

Here's a few shots of Felix and Jack in action... 



Thanks boys x