For coffee and non-coffee lovers alike - we're sure the following gifts will bring new flavours, knowledge, smiles and good will to most at Christmas. Safe in the knowledge all products have been sourced sustainably, packaged with recyclable materials and delivered with a good conscience.

1. Christmas Gift Pack

Our Christmas gift pack, perfect for coffee lovers wanting to try new and exciting coffees from our 'Explore' and 'Trust' range. 

The first coffee is Esperanza, from Guatemala. The pacamara varietal is considered to be one the finest examples of coffee elegance. This one delivers lush sweetness, bright florals and a complex acidity worthy of high praise indeed.

The second coffee is Cauca La Vega, from Columbia. A wonderfully bright and zingy coffee. Lush, exotic flavours are balanced with a creamy mouthfeel and a sweet feel. It's characteristics like this that make us smile.

This gift pack is perfect for coffee lovers wanting to try new and exciting coffees. Included is:

• 2 x 90g coffee bags (Esperanza & Cauca La Vega) 
• 2 x coffee cards, including information on each coffee, tasting notes, farming and background.
• Gift card including personalised note (added at checkout)
• Gift wrap & foiled kraft box


2. Drinking Chocolate

Our drinking chocolate was made in collaboration with friends Chocolarder, one of the few bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the country. A neat stocking filler, and perfect chaser to a Christmas day swim..


3. Gift Subscription

The perfect gift... from one coffee lover to another.

Simply choose the type of coffee (house, trust or explore) and the duration of the subscription, we'll do the rest.

November 22, 2018