Pour over is a simple, beautiful brew method. It requires a filter cone and filter papers.

Recipe guide:

- 60-65 grams coffee: 1L Water
- Medium grind (Quite fine)
- Brew with water 1-2 mins off boil
1 cup recipe 
19g coffee : 300g water

1. Rinse paper filter with hot water 
2.  Place coffee in brewer & shake gently to distribute (flat bed is helpful for even extraction).
3.  Start timer, pour enough water to just cover the grounds and leave to 'bloom' for 25- 30 seconds.
4. Pour water evenly in an outwards spiral away from the center of the brewer up until total weight reads 100g. Let the water level drain slightly (Never let it run dry) before topping up, repeat this until the total weight reads 300g. 
5. Aim for a total brew time of 2:00-2:30.


September 17, 2018