Francli x Yallah: Brew Bag


Calling all coffee lovers - we've got something special for you! Introducing the Francli x Yallah Brew Bag.

It's no exaggeration to say this is the product of 7 years of conversation with Ali from Francli; a dear friend and neighbour on the farm. We've always wanted to make a brew bag and who else could make one better than Ali!

The idea was simple - keep all of your kit together and make brews on the go even more satisfying. Ali brought her classic mix of style, function and durability, so here we have the perfect little brew bag, ready to fill with everything a wandering coffee enthusiast needs.

The bag can be packed neatly into a rucksack, suitcase, hooked to a bike (straps not supplied), or carried with the handle for a little stroll down the beach. Whatever you fancy.