We're really excited to introduce this series to you. It is a platform and space for us to seek, probe, and push for improvements within the complex world of sustainability. The idea is simple; each coffee within the series will showcase something that we feel is significant and has a positive impact, somewhere along the journey from seed to cup. Our focus is centered on pillars of sustainability; social, economic, and environmental. 

The first coffee in the series has been shipped under sail power from the port of Santa Marta, Colombia. The cargo unloaded within a few miles of our roastery near Falmouth, reducing transmit emissions by literally thousands of kgc02. 

This incredible journey cannot be credited to us alone. We are part of a small group of makers who have been brought together by the drive and passion of New Dawn Traders. Their “voyage co-op” model, brings together farmers, ships, and buyers, whilst putting people and planet first. This model gave us the opportunity to link one of our trusted coffee exporters with the French schooner, De Gallant.

She sailed 3,300kg of cargo (coffee, cocoa, panela, and olive oil) over 7,500 nautical miles with a carbon footprint that is close to zero. By comparison, this would have created 1,966 kgCO2 if shipped by container and 177,982.35 kgCO2 if sent by plane. Crazy figures. 

As for the coffee, it's exceptional too. 7 producers within the small municipality of Las Brisas have contributed to this outstanding lot. We know the gate price (the price the farmer receives) was 27.5% higher than the market price and that cup quality is excellent. These are all of the figures and tick boxes we want to see when we are thinking about sustainability from an economic perspective. 

Expect a very sweet, slightly citric character, with deep notes of orange, cocoa, and peach. It's the sort of coffee everyone will like, with a clean and silky mouthfeel that makes drinking a second cup all too easy. 

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May 23, 2020