We’re stoked to stock this amazing new spot in Bristol. Dela opened up it’s doors in September last year. During the day they serve brunches and lunches. And in the evening, the candles are lit, making way for a sharing menu for dinner.

Owners Mike and Lara destroyed, built, painted, upholstered, sanded and cleaned everything - creating an amazing space to enjoy great coffee and food. With a strong connection to the Scandinavia, the approach is one that’s communal, sustainable and relaxed, championing seasonal recipes and local produce. The menu also takes inspiration from Scandinavia, with pickles and fish throughout.

All ingredients are sourced locally and seasonally, with the goal of supporting other small local businesses. Fish is sustainably sourced and meat is organic. All beers are local, wines are natural and biodynamic, and spirits are local where possible too.

The cafe sits on the ground floor of a former clothes factory Mivart Studios - home to lots of other creatives and small businesses. The place is a real life example of people coming together - supporting each other and enjoying the fruits of collective ambition. It's something we get to enjoy here at Argal Home Farm too.

Mike and Lara trialled the idea originally with a series of pop up suppers at Hart’s Bakery. Through great traction and endless sellouts, they were spurred onto secure a permanent home for Dela.

It’s always inspiring coming across people starting up their own businesses in the name of a dream or a set of values. And it’s an honour to be able to support and supply them too.

Here's to those in pursuit of better. Be sure to check it out next time your near!

Photography: Little Silver

May 08, 2018