The new season Brazil's have landed and once again we're excited to start roasting these coffees for our 'house' range. We're into our 4th year working with the APROD group and it's a relationship that goes from strength to strength. This year, we've brought back 4 coffees exclusively for our house espresso, whilst we've also selected our favourite coffee to run in our 'trust' range. The coffees we selected are from San Antonio, Tres Barras, Aqua Fria and Pirapitinga. 

Divinolandia means 'divine land' and it's easy to see why. It's a small region in the far northern reaches of São Paulo state, in the Mogiana Paulista district. The area is blessed with fertile soil and a dry climate during the harvest period. These conditions are essential for the natural method of drying coffee they use, which involves a higher percentage of coffee drying on the tree than the normal 'natural process'. Once it's picked, the coffee is dried very slowly on concrete terraces, without the use of dryers. Attention to detail is essential, as they're not relying on the consistency of parabolic dryers or a washing process to control the flavour. 

The APROD farmers were proud to talk about the new shed and equipment they purchased this year, which is shared by the 50 or so partners. Their focus over the past few years has been to get recognition of the Divinovlandia coffee as a sort of appellation d'origine contrôlée, that is to be recognised as a region for producing outstanding micro-lot coffees. The new equipment is a big step forward in reaching that dream. 

For us, it's great to see things moving along and excitement growing amongst members of the group. Having visited the group each year we've bought their coffee, they know how much their work matters to us, their attention to detail is noticed, and our support is with them every step of the way. Our sourcing policy means we know they're receiving premiums that they're happy with. They know our margins and we know theirs. Everyone is happy when coffee is traded like this. 

Expect dense and heavy flavours from these wonderful coffees, lots of chocolate, toasted nuts and malty flavours aplenty. Keen coffee lovers will pick up on a rich syrupy body and hints of orange and ripe berry fruits. 

May 22, 2018