We’re pretty excited about this - our new tasting pack, featuring two new coffees sourced from our trip to Nicaragua earlier this year. The two coffees are from two farms we visited, located close to one another, in the same municipality of Dipilto.

 The first coffee is from El Recuerdo. El Recuerdo is a micro lot, consisting of 1 hectare of land, high up in the mountains. During harvest time, tiny lots of just 30 kgs are processed, separated and graded individually, meaning each harvest is managed with precision. This coffee is a lighter roast - citrus and floral, with tasting notes of lemongrass and butterscotch.

The second coffee is from Los Pirineos, also from the Dipilto region. Los Pirineos is a bigger lot, spanning 35 acres. Graded AA, this lot is the best coffee produced from this farm. Soil, climate, altitude and flora make the biodiversity here incredible. Lots of natural shade plants, natural nitrogen fixers and a variety of fauna - you can hardly tell you’re on a coffee farm. As part of our ‘Trust’ range, this coffee is more rounded, and a little more roasted that the first. Yet balanced and sweet, with nutty chocolate notes. Both coffee beans produced from this region are denser that usual, therefore roasting differently to most.

It was the first time we’d visited these farms, and we learned we were in fact the first roasters to have visited them. The farmers were pretty stoked to have us there, and seemed proud to make a direct connection with a roaster. Both farms are part of Caravela’s series called PECA - a growers education program. Working directly with producers, PECA’s mission is to continuously educate producers and their families on best practices. This is to allow them to increase productivity, improve quality, and ensure continued profitability and sustainability. As a B-Corporation, Caravela also provide a range of fantastic initiatives that put money back into the land and local community of growers. Their own grading program also makes easy for all producers to understand the quality of their harvest.

Low grade coffee is not a profitable business for these farms. Therefore they are persistently improving there coffee by way of improving their business. It's a win win all round.

The idea with this tasting pack is to allow you to taste two different coffees from the same region. Both exposed to the same conditions, weather and altitude - yet with very different tasting experiences. It's also to champion the techniques and processes of these farmers. Natural, sustainable and produced in small lots, providing some of the best coffee in the world. Enjoy!