We've got a new favourite coffee at HQ and it's nice to say we're back to the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia.
This is the first time we've bought coffee from this young, forward thinking cooperative and we're sure glad we glad we did. Established in 2012, it's located in the Agaro - Goma woreda (district) within the Jimma zone. A little less known than your classic Yirg! There are about 130 smallholders who are members of Biftu Gudina and who each receives a premium for the quality of their coffee. The area that is starting to be known for producing spicy coffee with intense flavours and unique attributes, while maintaining the floral quality that we love so much about coffees from this part of the world.
This coffee is a result of a sustainable Technoserve project in the west based on transparency and increased quality production. Technoserve is a NGO supporting the farmers in setting up washing stations and new cooperative structures. They have waste water treatment based on Vetiver grass naturally filtrating the water before it goes into the pits and finally the ground. Like most Ethiopian coffees it's organic by default. This coffee is mainly an improved native varietal called 1274, and a mix of Ethiopian Heirloom.
There is the lovely floral fragrance, stone fruit and honey sweetness to this coffee that means it's going to sit in our explore range, but might just be the one to make you try something new.
September 21, 2016