Our new house coffee is about to launch and we're proud to say it's the second coffee we've sourced using our direct trade model.
The Coopedota Cooperative are well renowned producers, trusted by many of the worlds best coffee roasters. We're excited to introduce a new house coffee that we believe continues to make the barista life 'easy', without compromising flavour.


Located in the lush green hills of Tarrazu in the tranquil town of Santa Maria de Dota, Costa Rica. The Coopedota cooperative operates as an important economic and cultural resource for the town’s tight knit community. As well as producing fantastic coffee year after year, there is a heavy focus on improving crops and sustainability. There are over 100 experiments currently going on at Coopedota, studying everything from nutrients, fertilizers, shading and unusual weather patterns. Importantly, these experiments are not just looking at how crop yield is affected, but flavour attributes also. It's this type of dedication and forward thinking mentality that make them the perfect partner for us.
The Co-op was set up in 1960 to help with financing, coffee processing, and exportation. Since then, Coopedota has evolved, with more than 800 members and an impressive array of pulping and sorting lines, it is now regarded as a model Cooperative in the area. Most cherries are dropped off at the main entrance and processed together as a whole. However, there is a small entrance for producers in the 'micro-lot program' who have lots processed individually, then sold with a premium based on cup quality. These producers have consistently produced the highest quality coffees year-after-year, many of whom has placed in the cup of excellence for their hard work. It is from these micro-lots that this 'house coffee' comes from.
September 19, 2016