Single Origin

For us, single origin represents the pinnacle of quality, character, and traceability. It strips back coffee to it's naked self. A traceable, tangible product that can be celebrated for its flavour, origin, and diversity. We source from the best and most sustainable farms we can find and roast delicately to ensure the natural flavours are allowed to shine.

Sustainably Sourced

Sustainably sourced coffee begins at the source. It starts with ensuring the coffee farmers are paid the right price for their coffee and that they invest in quality, fair and sustainable business practice. It also means placing a high value on how the coffee is grown, protection of the natural environment and working with growers who are doing what they can to reduce their impact on the planet.

Freshly Roasted

When it comes to flavour, freshness is key. Our roaster turns every day and we always mark a roasted date on our bags to ensure you know when it went through the drum. We aim to ship all orders within 24hrs, and always send coffee roasted within the last 5 days. When you open the bag, it'll be ready to brew.