Our friends at Poco Tapas Bar in Bristol just launched Tom Hunt's Chef's Manifesto action hub - where chefs and farmers join forces to talk about action, Biodiversity and food. And how to tackle zero hunger, zero waste, food sustainability and climate change.

For the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, Tom has submitted a piece called 'Manifesto' which communicates the sustainability philosophies of 'Root to Fruit Eating':

• Eat for pleasure 
• Cook with love, confidence, creativity
• Support biodiversity 
• Know your farmer
• Eat whole foods 
• Minimise waste 
• Eat mostly plants
• Eat local seasonal foods
• Eat the best food you can
• Act like your actions matter
• Support better farming 
• Buy fair trade

It's a real inspiration to see this action and initiative. Head over to Tom's profile for more info, to follow the progress and join the conversation.