Next month, 7-8th September, we'll be joining the vibrant coffee scene in Bristol, for their annual coffee festival, hosted by the brilliant team at The Coffee House Project.

A two-day coffee festival, in the heart of Bristol, focusing on local, artisan roasters, independent food and drink retailers, ad home-grown baristas. It's the perfect celebration of Bristol's wicked coffee scene and all those passionate about a good brew.

On the Saturday 7th September at 11am – 11.40am, we'll be part of a panel discussion with five other roasters on ‘How to set up a Roastery’.

Phil from our team will be hosting a roasting workshop over the 2 days too. And Rich from our team, along with Dave from Krankhouse Coffee, will join forces in a workshop coined ‘Adventures in flavour’ – an exploration of the different tasting notes and the possibilities different beans yield. More details for these two will follow soon!

Lots to see, do and enjoy. If you're in this neck of the woods, get down!

Find us at Stand C14, in the middle of the shed, next to the Cupping area.

Images via The Coffee House Project.

August 13, 2019