Our main man Mr Rapley has been on the tools again, tinkering with the new spotlight coffee to find the perfect brew.

With the Christmas holidays upon us we thought we'd share some of his recipes; what better way to spend that extra time at home? Get your scales out and taste the magic...


Farm: Los Cristales

Origin: Colombia

Region: Tolima

Process: Washed

Taste: We're looking for a rich and full cup, with notes of honey, chamomile, and yellow plum to finish off this fruity cup. It's the ripe fruit flavour that really gives that je ne sais quoi. 

Brewing method:  Kalita Wave 185 

12g medium/fine ground coffee (caster sugar)

200g 94° water 

4 pour method 


Wet filter paper with hot water and heat carafe/cup 

Add 12g course coffee, tap to distribute and make a flat bed. 

Tare scales with brewer on top.

Add 50g water at 94° and let bloom for 30 seconds, then add 50g/mls of water every 30 seconds or until water has filtered through. Only adding 200gs total. Swirl that guy and enjoy.

Total brew time should be around 2m30s. 

Yield - 182g  

This is a brew method I find myself doing in those early afternoons when I don't want a large mug, just a clean and tasty cup!

Brewing method: Hario V60 - 02

19g medium (soft brown sugar) 

300g 98° water 


Wet filter paper and warm your carafe/cup before making your brew. 

Add coffee and tap with your hand to set a flat bed of coffee.

Water at 98° (it's really important we keep our water around this temperature throughout the brew) 

Tare scales with brewer on top.

Add 40g water and allow the coffee to ‘bloom’. Make sure you cover all the grounds!

Wait 45s before pouring water in the centre of the coffee bed, work in circular motions, keeping a steady, delicate pour. Once we reach 220g stop pouring and swirl gently to grab any coffee stuck to the sides of the filter paper. 

Pour the remaining 40g - this time pour in the centre of the V60. Once we reach 300g let the water drawdown and do it's thing. 

Swirl and enjoy 

Total brew time 3.30/4 mins 

Yield - 270g(ish)

This is my go to brew every morning and for me it gives the perfect balance especially for this rich and full bodied coffee. 

Brewing method: Aeropress

22g fine (similar to moka pot) ground coffee 

440g hot water (bypass) 

Water temp 98° (just off the boil)

Invert the Aeropress 

Wet filter paper (I use 2 papers to improve the clarity)


Add coffee 22g fine coffee to the brewer. 

Place your mug or server onto your scales and tare to zero without the brewer on top. 

Place the Aeropress on top of your server and start your timer.

Pour water into the press, leaving around an inch to the top, allowing room to stir. With a chopstick (or a spoon) stir the coffee for 15 seconds and put the cap (with filter) on. Flip onto your server (or mug) and wait 45 seconds. 

Start your press at 45 - there is no need to press with all your strength, just go steady and stop when you hear the hiss at the end. 


Remove Aeropress and then add remaining water for a target yield of 400 

Swirl and enjoy.