Coffee Grind Very fine (adjust to achieve more or less extraction)

Quantity 18.5 grams of coffee for 38 grams espresso

Extraction Time 26-33 seconds

Advice If the espresso is running too fast then make your grind size smaller. If your shots are taking too long to run then make your grind setting coarser.

This recipe is for a double espresso.


Step 1 Grind 18.5 grams coffee as recommended.

Step 2 Add your coffee into the basket, to create a flat bed. Evenly distribute the coffee to ensure there are no clumps or gaps. Distribution tools can be used to help, or a gentle tap on the edge of the basket works a treat.

Step 3 Tamp your coffee in the basket, applying a good amount of even force. Remember you can't over tamp, only under!

Step 4 Insert the group handle into the machine. Place your favourite espresso cup underneath the group handle on a scale. Start extraction.

Step 5 Keep an eye on your scale. Aim to have your espresso weigh at around 38g, this should take between 26 to 33 seconds.

Step 6 Mix your espresso with a spoon, swirl and sip.

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