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This is a proper soul warmer and totally delicious. It’s the type of coffee you can drink again and again, warming you cockles and tickling your taste buds. Grown organically and farmed by one man and a few helpers during harvest time. It’s very nice indeed.

Some 75% of farmers in Northern Peru are not part of a cooperative or association. These producers don’t have access to training sessions, premiums for quality or certifications. Their income is totally dependent on the market price, which has been below the cost of production for far too long.

Toribio is one such farmer who’s found a route to sell sustainably through Falcon coffee. Their investment in a warehouse in ‘Jaén’ means they can buy direct and ensure that premiums make it back into the pockets of the growers, not the middlemen. This sort of progression is what specialty coffee is all about.

Farm: Toribio Vega Segovia
Origin: El Condor, Cajamarca, Peru
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed
Tasting notes: Chocolate cookies, maple syrup and pecan nuts.

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