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Jorge Ovalle Mendez founded San Antonio de Esquipulas in 1965. Whilst he has always grown high-quality coffee, it’s his recent exploration of new processing techniques that have helped refine the exotic flavours we find in this coffee. Indeed, this is the first honey processed coffee we’ve bought from Guatemala.

Farmers: Jorge Ovalle Mendez
Origin: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Process: Honey Process

Taste: Candied lemons, fresh honey with a crisp finish

We’re always excited to see farmers trying to improve what they do. This year, Jorge Mendez has farmed without the use of herbicides & pesticides, even in the face of the devastating disease La Roya, which causes a leaf ‘rust’ and has destroyed many Guatemalan crops. Only through well managed and attentive farming has this been possible.

This, combined with a high altitude of 2,000 masl, limestone soil, and average temperatures of 20-24 degrees make this a special place for growing high-quality coffee. The taste exudes quality and is one to savour. Perfectly balancing citrus fruits with a juicy, sweet finish that makes you want more.

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