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Burundi is one of the lesser know coffee producers in East Africa, but for sure, the quality is there. This is a fine example with unique and delicious flavour notes typical to the region. If you like intense, this is one for you. 


Producer: 400 Producers from Mesenga Hill
Origin: Burundi (Migoti Mill)
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed

Taste: Marmalade, apricot & white grapes

The Migoti mill washing station operates in a region referred to as Migoti Mountain, in Mutambu Commune of Bujumbura Province. Here, coffee trees are owned by the community, and Migoti purchase the coffee cherries directly from the farmers. They pay the government set price during harvest and a premium post, depending on quality. This is a positive step forward in a country that has seen little economic prosperity filter down to the farming community. 

This is a complex coffee with many layers of flavour to fall in love with. At first, you'll find it's bright and juicy, with notes of marmalade and apricot. As it cools the sweetness takes over, leaving you with a pearly brew and silky sweet finish. 


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