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This is a shining example of the ‘red honey’ processing method. Oscar and Francisca Chacon are pioneers in the ‘honey’ world, regarded as producing some of the best in Costa Rica. This is one to savor; rich and expansive, ripe juicy plums with loads of sweetness and a pineapple acidity that adds complexity.

Farmers: Finca Cal Lajas 
Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Sabanilla de Alajuela
Process: Red Honey

Taste: Juicy, ripe plums, makes a sticky espresso with saturated sweetness from begining to end. 

The processing method has a tremendous effect on the taste of the coffee. In this instance, 80%-90% of the mucilage (a sticky, sugary substance) is left on the coffee bean while it dries in shaded conditions. The result is a complex coffee with lots of body and remarkable flavour.

The Lajas micro mill is also one of the only certified organic mills in the area and their commitment to sustainability is inspiring. To mitigate their water usage, Don Oscar uses a waterless pulper and all of the left-over coffee pulp is recycled and used as fertiliser on the farm.

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