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It feels like Papua New Guinea is our favourite origin, such is the consistency of delicious coffee coming from this part of the world. This year, we've bought 2 coffees from the same producer that have been processed differently. This is the natural variety. 

Producer: Paul Pora
Origin: PNG
Region: Kuli Gap, Western Highlands Province
Process: Natural

Taste: Dense fruit, funky and fermented


Expect more fruit and a lively, fermented acidity from this one. The complex layering of flavours is the result of the drying stage, which is done with the cherry left on, unlike the washed variety. 
As for the mill, they are extremely selective. Only the ripe 'pick of the day' cherry is purchased. Once processed, all coffee is dried to 11% moisture content and stored in parchment for transportation to a central drying mill. To preserve quality, the coffee stays in the highlands, where it's less humid, then it's transported 200 miles to the port city Lae, just in time to meet the vessel.