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Sulawesi has been leading the charge for specialty coffee in Indonesia for several years now. From this plantation, we’ve come to expect clean, sweet and fruity coffees accompanied by a full-bodied herbal flavour that is much loved all over the world. For us, this one stood out from the crowd and we didn’t want you to miss it. If you like a heavy hit and complex acidity this is the one for you.


Most coffee coming from these Islands is processed using the giling basah method, which results in a powerful savory flavour. Here at the Pedamaran plantation, they are using the traditional ‘wet process’ and the results are fantastic. If a producer wants to sell their parchment coffee to Toarco, they need to get certified to the quality standards; selective picking, storage, transportation, moisture levels are all considered. Farmers are issued ID cards that allow them to sell their coffee at various purchasing points in the Tana Toraja region during the market week. Quality control is strict, and the results are telling.

Origin: Indonesia
Region: Sulawesi
Washing Station: Pedamaran Plantation
Processing Method: Fully washed
Taste: Herbal, cherry pipe tobacco & date

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