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El Recuerdo is one of the most beautiful and secluded farms we’ve ever visited. The journey here is long, steep, and scary. Crumbling roads twisting and turning around sheer cliffs bring you to a secluded farm that is owned and worked by just one man, José Javier.

Producer: José Javier
Origin: Nicaragua
Region: Dipilto
Process: Washed

Taste: A clean and classy coffee with lots of marzipan and milk chocolate flavours. An easy-drinking peoples champion.

We’re into our third year buying coffee from José and couldn’t be happier with the coffee he’s growing. Soil, climate, altitude, and flora make this farm such a special place. The biodiversity is off the scale, with natural shade plants so thick and dense it’s often hard to see the coffee trees through the forest.

Roasting coffee from El Recuerdo feels like a real success story for us - quality, commitment, and trust are all here in abundance, plus we know José is guaranteed to sell a higher percentage of his crop at a premium price. If you like smooth, clean, and sweet coffee this is the one for you.

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