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Organically grown coffee that tastes this good really is the golden ticket. The perfect fit for our Trust range. It’s seriously creamy, sweet, and spicy - one hell of a mix. Turn the kettle on and find a comfy seat - this one is a proper soul warmer.

Farm: El Guayacan

Varietal: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon 
Origin: Peru
Process: Washed
Tasting notes: Creamy and sweet - really very moreish indeed. A lovely spiciness pushes through, with nutmeg and clove reminding us of North Africa.

2020 has been especially hard for Peruvian coffee farmers. Not only because of the pandemic but due to structural issues within the industry and the country itself. One of the main problems was 2019’s low coffee price, which caused many farmers to abandon farms or neglect their plantations. Add to the mix abrupt climate changes, unrelenting rains, and a surge in leaf rust and you can see it’s a difficult time to be a farmer.

This then, is a success story and reason to be proud you’re drinking specialty coffee. This coffee is not traded on the commodity market and the producer receives around 15% above the market rate. The group has been working with the PECA team from Caravela for three years now, with the ambition to increase productivity and improve quality, making their work more profitable. A key reason they have managed to weather the storms of 2019. It’s also NOP Organic, which is fantastic.

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