We’re a tiny company, with an opensource policy and honest ambition.

We’re working hard to introduce and improve our environmental practices. Here are some of the things we do...

Working at Argal Home Farm

Our workshop is powered with solar panels and the farm uses biomass boilers to heat its water.

Recycling waste products

We use the waste product from roasting coffee (chaff) as fuel for the biomass boiler. This is AMAZING because it has NO transportation emissions. All our coffee bags and takeaway cups are biodegradable, plus coffee grounds are an organic waste. We collect these things here at the roastery and use a local recycling company to dispose of them properly, reducing waste to landfill and producing a range of quality assured products including compost, soil improvers, sustainable electricity and fuel products.

Local delivery crates and collection service

We use crates to deliver our coffee to local customers, reducing the waste of cardboard. We collect these crates and any of our biodegradable bags from our customers to dispose of them properly at the roastery.

Use a Carbon Neutral courier service

For our customers outside of the local delivery route, we use a carbon neutral courier service. Offsetting transportation emissions to help reduce the impact on the planet.

Recycled boxes

When we do need to use cardboard, it’s made from recycled card.