Sustainability has many forms. We care about financial, environmental, and personal sustainability and we're constantly working to improve our practices.  

This year will see our first sustainability report published and some major ambition to improve the work we do; our impact on the planet and our local community. For now, here are some of the things we do.


All our coffee is high grade, sustainably sourced and very very tasty. We pay premiums that far exceed the normal certifications and have a direct relationship with a wonderful family focused co-operative in Brazil. 

Argal Home Farm

Our workshop is powered with solar panels and the farm uses biomass boilers to heat its water. Year to date the farm has a net positive contribution to the national grid, producing some 13MWh of energy. 

Recycling waste products

We use the waste product from roasting coffee (chaff) as fuel for the biomass boiler. This is AMAZING because it has NO transportation emissions. All our coffee bags and takeaway cups are biodegradable, plus coffee grounds are an organic waste. We collect this waste and give it to a local permaculture garden or back to mother earth on Argal Home Farm.

Omni-degradable packaging

Our coffee bags degradable in range of environments, once they break down there is nothing left but CO2, water and a small amount of organic biomass. They can decompose in home compost heaps, commercial digestion and even just water.

Local delivery crates and collection service

We use crates to deliver our coffee to local customers, reducing the waste of cardboard. We collect these crates and any of our biodegradable bags from our customers to dispose of them properly at the roastery.

Use a Carbon Neutral courier service

For our customers outside of the local delivery route, we use a carbon neutral courier service. Offsetting transportation emissions to help reduce the impact on the planet.

Recycled boxes

When we do need to use cardboard, it’s made from recycled card.

Carbon Offsetting  

According to a study published in the Science journal, planting trees is the best and most effective way of fighting climate change we have. To offset the carbon we produce as a business, we have partnered with Trees For Life - a conservation charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands. Their aim is to revitalised wild forest, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive. The trees are native and planted because they enrich the landscape and wildlife, whilst mitigating carbon.

As a silver partner, we have our own 'Yallah Grove'. You can see the progress of our grove and even support us by donating here: