Great tasting, honest coffee roasted at our barn in the midst of Cornwall's rural wilds. Made for everyday adventurers with a full attitude towards life.

From the artist to the surfer, the carpenter to the teacher, Yallah is all about celebrating community and good, honest coffee across the board, whether you’re brewing it on a clifftop or it's helping you get out the door.  Rooted in trust, harnessed through relationships and grounded in hard work, we’re committed to roasting sustainable coffee and having fun whilst we do it.

We run Yallah on these key principles; it’s how we got here today and how we’d like our business to continue for years to come.

1. No Blending

Roast Coffee in the same form it comes to you.

2. Keep things simple

Simplicity means accessibility. It’s important if we want to make a big change. Not everybody has the time or energy to read about terroir. They just want a good coffee and there is nothing wrong with that.

3. Inform

Keeping things simple doesn’t mean not going into detail or telling whole truths. There are some things in speciality coffee we need to know. That information should always be available.

4. Find and reward our farmers

Promise to pay over and above the market price for our coffee and visit the farmers to speak face to face. Build relationships, trust and sustainability.

5. Help stop sales of nondescript, untraceable coffee

We’re not saying that all commodity coffee is evil and should be banned. Many farmers, communities and even countries lives depend on it. What we’re saying is there is another option out there. This option is based around quality; and quality tastes better.