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Here we have the second release for the series and we’re changing the focus to something a little less obvious. Packaging.

Say hello to our new, 100% plastic-free, paper-based pouches. They can be recycled with your household paper, improving the life cycle of our bags no matter where they end up. The pouches have a heat sealable coating that provides a barrier to moisture and oxygen, keeping your coffee fresh for up to 4 weeks. 

Of course, we knew the coffee inside these bags needed to match the credentials of the bags, so we're excited to be roasting some wonderful coffee from Dagoberto Rodriguez who grows coffee on his farm 'Los Cristales' in Tolima, Colombia. 

Dagoberto is the perfect example of someone who has benefited by increasing quality and working with a specialty buyer. He says “I’ve seen lots of changes in my life since I started to produce specialty coffee, especially in the economic aspect, and also in the social aspect, I’ve been able to improve the quality of my coffee and I’m starting to be known for my work.” 

In terms of trade, we know the gate-price Dagoberto received and we know the premiums are 22% above the market rate. These are our key indicators and guarantees that allow us to say, this is a financially sustainable model for the producer.

Farm: Los Cristales
Origin: Colombia
Region: Tolima
Process: Washed

Taste: Rich and full with notes of honey, chamomile, and yellow plum to finish of this fruity cup. 
If you want to know more about why we focused on the packaging for the Spotlight Series, check out our latest blog here.

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