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We were jumping up and down when we first tasted this coffee. It’s Ethiopian coffee at its best. A dynamic cup that really jumps out at you, showcasing the best flavours and floral amoras that have made this region world renowned.


This coffee is from the small village of Werka, situated in the West Arsi zone and part or the Sidamo region. The coffee is grown at an altitude of approximately 2000 meters above sea level, hand picked and sorted before being pulped and dried. This coffee has been traded via the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange Programme.


Most coffee in Ethiopia is traded through the ECX system, which limits our traceability when compared to most of our other coffees. Here is a general rundown of how the ECX chain works:


  • Farmers deliver cherry to local wet mills. Some wet mills pay a premium for better quality cherry, some do not.
  • Coffees are labeled with a region and then are graded based both on physical qualities as well as cup quality. Higher quality coffee fetches a higher price.
  • Coffee is categorized into 81 generic grades of coffee at the ECX: Processing: Washed, Un-washed, Region: Yirgacheffe, Sidama, Limu, etc. Flavor: A (Representative of region's cup characteristics) B (Less so), Grade: 1-9 (defect count)
  • Tracibility on the coffee an exporter purchases coffee through the ECX will, at most, be labelled as “Yirgacheffe: Konga” or “Sidama: Borena.”

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