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If you want to taste something truly special, look no further than this. On the cupping table, the words ‘what on earth is that’ were heard, along with a few other grunts of approval that summed up a unanimous opinion; this is one of the best coffee we’d ever tasted.

Producers: Hestor & Adrian Lasso

Origin: Colombia

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Anaerobic natural

Tasting notes: Turkish delight with tropical-punch

The farm is run by 2 brothers; Nestor & Adrian, who are a remarkable pair. At just 22 & 24 years old, they offer a fresh perspective and a lot of hope for an industry that is seeing so many young people move away from coffee farming. While Nestor is responsible for sample roasting, cupping and sales, his brother Adrian spends all his time at the farm or helping his dad Jose at the central mill.

He reads, researches and experiments what he learns at the farm, bringing a passion for natural processing to the table. Together, they have broken down the conventional methods of coffee production and started experimenting with exotic varieties, micro-organisms, fermentation methods, different processes specific to sugar content and ripeness. The result is outstanding.

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