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This one's a real taste sensation. Undeniably floral and sweet, with the perfect level of ‘natural processing’ shining through. Just in case that’s not enough, you’ll find notes of cardamom and clove to finish off this truly wonderful coffee.

​This coffee comes from ​Halaka​, an area in Guji, Southern Ethiopia​.​ The exporter ‘Buno Trading’ run a relatively small ​operation​,​ ​with​ 7 washing stations across the region​ all​ producing specialty coffee. Abiyot, the owner and manager, has focused on producing the best quality coffee possible, searching for the highest elevations and choosing to work with farmers delivering quality cherries.​ Premiums are paid to farmers for well processed and ripe coffee.

Abiyot works with a range of producers of all sizes, but has focused more on farmers with more land, between 8 and 15 hectares. This size of producer makes it possible to improve picking and quality​,​​ leading to higher value coffee.

Coffee production is growing here, with more and more land in the area becoming suitable for growing coffee due to climate change. The washing station sits at 1990 masl but most of the coffee comes from producers above this. Producers in this area tend to have a lot more land than in other parts of Guji and across Ethiopia, so the opportunity to educate and improve is good.


Mill: Halaka
Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji
Taste: Wine gums, English hops, and cardamom spice

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