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We're always searching for great coffee, but sometimes you find something a little extra special and you want to shout about it. This is one of those times. 
This is an absolute nugget of a bean. Heavy notes of plum, cherry and apple and a sweet, herbal mix that tests your palette and makes you think daaayum, that's nice coffee. It's fresh and exciting to drink and works well with both light and medium roast. 
This coffee is from a new partnership between a group of growers in Intibuca and Nordic Approach. The region and its producers are not yet well known but the response to their coffee has been overwhelming. It's all small scale stuff, with 3-8 hectares each and shared use of a micro mill for wet processing. Hernan Gomez is removing floating cherries before pulping and fermenting dry parchment for 24 hrs on raised beds. He's actively doing things to improve the flavour of his coffee and the potential, given the current level of quality seems endless.

Co-op: Honduras
Origin: Honduras
Region: Intibuca
Washed 24 fermentation
Taste: Plum, cherry, yellow raspberries and apples. Fresh and exciting!

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