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A beautiful coffee from a beautiful place, the remote highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. This was a firm favourite of ours last year, the kind of coffee you could drink all day long, brewed any which way you fancy.
Farm: Las Cotorras
Origin: Mexico

Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Catturra 
Process: Washed
Tasting notes: Super sweet - notes of cocoa, cashews & cream

Las Cotorras is coffee that is grown in the highlands of the state of Chiapas, home to the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. This is a protected area of close to 120 thousand hectares. It represents the vary last of the Central American cloud forests, where naturally occurring condensation is trapped by the forest, giving life to a large number of plant and animal species.

The area is also home to an incredibly beautiful species of bird called Cotorras, hence the name. The birds have become a symbol in the region for authenticity and freedom. A nice thought, while sipping on your brew. 

Organic practices are used by all 7 farmers who feature in this lot. We think it’s a perfect fit for our ‘trust’ range - easy to brew and smooth like butter.

Our Packaging & what to do with it...

Our 250g bags are 100% plastic-free and can be recycled with your household paper or composted in your garden. Our 1kg bags are home compostable but not domestically recyclable, please don't put them in your curbside recycling.

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