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Ethiopian coffee has a reputation and heritage which precedes itself, but the vast majority of coffees in Ethiopia - even microlots - are not fully traceable to farmer level. Alemayehu Kebede is part of Tracon’s direct trade project and we’re exited to be buying his coffee from the first time.

Farm: Alemayehu Kebede
Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Gedio, Yirgacheffe
Process: Natural
Tasting notes: Strawberry and tropical fruit, layered with bergamot & vanilla.

Traceability is the cornerstone of quality and fairness. The buyers can be sure of the financial chain and the producer is rewarded for producing high grade coffee. It’s a simple but effective cycle. The ability to separate lots in this way also has a measurable impact on quality. Farmers are incentivised knowing that increases in the quality of their
own crop will be measured directly in the cup. Increases or decreases in cup quality can be easily identified and diagnosed against agricultural and agronomic practices
from season to season. This unique insight allows for data-led improvements, which can in turn increase farmer premiums. Farmers in this project received an average of
15% over the local market price for their coffee cherries, as well as a second payment equivalent to 10 USC/lb.

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