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We're beyond excited to welcome this year's sail ship coffee, once again from the wonderful producers of Las Brisas.

This coffee was shipped under sail power from the port of Santa Marta, Colombia and unloaded within a few miles of our roastery in Falmouth - reducing transit emissions by hundreds of kgsCO2e. To make this possible, we partnered with New Dawn Traders and The Blue Schooner company, who sailed over 7,500 nautical miles with a carbon footprint that is close to zero - a radical model of trade, which puts people and planet first. 

This is the second time we've bought from this fantastic group and it really is a desert island coffee. Super smooth and very sweet, with enough body to suit any brewing method and just enough acidity to make it sing. 7 producers have contributed to this outstanding lot. We know the gate price (the price the farmer receives) was 27.5% higher than the market price and the cup quality is excellent. 

Co-op: Las Brisas
Origin: Colombia
Region: Tolima
Process: Washed

Taste: Heavy and sweet up front, with cocoa and brown sugar in abundance, followed by a pleasing citric acidity and subtle notes of orange and peach. 

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