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The Geisha varietal is the most highly prized and distinctive in profile, but until now, for us at least, finding the right one has been elusive. Often over priced and sold by name rather than quality, we were pretty excited to finally cup a Geisha that lived up to the hype! Thank you Don Javier! 

Producers: Javier Sanjuan

Origin: Colombia

Variety: Geisha

Process: Washed

Tasting notes: Perfume florals, mega sweet with tropical fruits; lychee & mango

You can expect violet perfume up front, followed by a tropical acidity that's clean, silky and elegant. All the components should be balanced and very clean - somewhat delicate but multi-layered. Let it cool a little before drinking to allow the complexity to shine. We're roasting this Geisha very light, so we wouldn't recommend adding milk - although of course, this is entirely your choice. 

Finca Bella Vista is a 4 generation farm, now run by Don Javier, who has become increasingly dedicated to his Geisha micro-lots. He has done a fantastic job with this one. It goes through a 24 house 'cherry on' fermentation, then a 24 hour 'cherry off' fermentation, before slow drying in marquesinas. 

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