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It feels like Papua New Guinea is our favourite origin, such is the consistency of delicious coffee coming from this part of the world. This year, we've bought 2 coffees from the same producer that have been processed differently. This is the washed variety. 

Producer: Paul Pora
Origin: PNG
Region: Kuli Gap, Western Highlands Province
Process: Washed

Taste: Full-bodied, buttery mouthfeel, cocoa, cream and rose on the nose.


The western highlands province is centrally located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and shares a common border with Jiwaka, Enga, Simbu and Madang provinces. In the past, land selection for coffee wasn't based on agronomic principles, rather, coffee gardens and estates were developed on what land became available. 
The producer, Paul Pora has a degree in agriculture and a clear goal to improve the quality of the coffee from this region. He's going back to basics, with a push on ripe cherry-picking and proper storage for processed coffee. The quality is telling. 
We recommend trying this coffee alongside the natural variety as a great example of tasting the processing method; washed vs natural. 

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