Every once in a while, we come across a very special coffee that we have to share with you. On our trip to Mexico earlier this year, we fell in love with this incredible single farm lot from Hector Hernandez. It’s delicate, floral, juicy, sweet, complex and a true testment to Hector’s passion and knowledge of the land.

Roast Profile

Roast Profile

Light Roast


  • Grapefruit, tinned mandarin & passionfruit

Vibrant, bold and complex.


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It’s really important for us to work with trusted partners in our supply chain who can provide us with honesty and traceability. We have created a set of guidelines to help us source coffee in a way we feel aligns with our values and beliefs. There are three core categories that we think outline the most important factors to consider when purchasing coffee: economic transparency, social relationship, and environmental efforts.

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Our 250g bags are 100% plastic-free and can be recycled with your household paper or composted in your garden. We recommend storing your coffee in an airtight container like this one. Our 1kg bags are home compostable but not domestically recyclable, please don't put them in your curbside recycling. The planet thanks you!



Hector Hernandez


Coacoatzintla, Veracruz




Extended Fermentation Washed

Country of origin


A distinctive caramel-like profile, Mexican coffees are mellow but complex, usually with a subtle citrus acidity. Hand picked, shade grown and shipped by sail using the power of the wind.

meet the producer

Hector Hernandez

After a lifetime of working as biologist and conservationist for some of Mexico’s largest national parks, Hector has turned his hand to growing many species on his farm, El Chirimoyo. He is known locally for his rare orchids, and he has students from around the world coming to study the prehistoric ferns that are found thriving in his protected
forests. In 2016, he turned his hand to growing a few, select varieties of coffee. His biodynamic farm is situated in its own unique microclimate; the surrounding mountains have created a bowl-like landscape, keeping it cool and reducing the hours of sunlight the cherries receive. This extremely slow ripening of the cherries mean the beans are dense and full of flavour.



Agroforestry is a way of growing coffee alongside other trees and plants, either by planting coffee in established forests or purposefully planting other cash crops to grow alongside. This can be a great tool to combat climate change in coffee growing countries, as well as maximising profits for producers.